Your new beauty

simple and intelligent

Boost your daily skin benefits with science-driven bioactive formulations, designed right for you.

A simple step to

power up your skincare

Say goodbye to endless trials-and-errors. We fill the gap in your daily skincare, with highly personalized and science-driven skin benefits designed right for you.

Transparent, simple and effective

That's how we bring science to beauty

As scientists from MIT, we reimagine skincare by only containing essential bioactive ingredients with scientifically proven benefits for your skin. 
No more excessive additives and burdens. Just a simple add-on, boost the power of your daily skincare to your best match.

Personalized care

precisely for you

With the power of data science and AI technology, we help you easily understand your skin health status, and precisely design your own formulations with highly targeted skincare benefits.

Enhance your daily skincare in just 3 steps

Understand your own skincare

Get started by chatting with your intelligent skin expert: Dr.E.  She will carefully assess your skin status and skincare routine with her rich expertise in skin science. 

Professional analysis & advice

Your skin data will be analyzed to generate a personal report. You will find professional advice and guidance on how to improve your daily skincare.

Booster kit designed for you

Based on your personal data, our scientist team will formulate a custom "Fill-Power Kit" to add the benefits you need to your daily skincare routine.

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